Here You can see our members and their stats sorted by the Battle-Rank.

Have fun finding your stats and improving them.

And remember  higher/lower stats won´t make you better than other members.


Here you can see our Ranks and the requirement for each rank:


  1. Leader  (You can't reach this rank with the exception we invite you) (No max)
  2. Second-Leader (You can reach this rank after you served as a Ranger and we invited you) (max. 10)
  3. Ranger  (You will reach this rank being choosed to make our special training.) (no max.) [read the ranger-section for more information]
  4. Member  (You´ll reach this rank if you read the rules and send us the hidden password) (no max)
  5. Recruit  (this is your default rank) (No max)


Close informations to the Ranks, permissons and access are posted in the News-Section and will be added soon.





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