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If you don't have the time or no pleasure (at the moment) to play Planetside 2 we have tested and poste this

Epic-Mini-Games for you, all are very nice.


To start a game you only must click on the images.


And the Most Importent thing: "Have fun!!!"


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Crush the Castle

Crush the Castle Image




Crush the Castle is a easy game, where you are the invanders of a kingdom.

As weapon you have some munitions for a trebuchet to destroy the Castle and kill the enemy king.

Bloons Tower Defence

Epic TD



Bloons Tower Defence or shorter BTD 3 is, how the name says, a tower defence game this mean you must defeat a track from enemys.

In this case the "enemys" are bloons and you are monkes, which shoot with spikes at this bloons.

This sound very funny, or? And it IS very funny.

Homer the Flanders killer

Homer with gun




Kill all the persons you know from the simpsons.

Bowman 2

Bowman 2





You shoot as a stickman (yeah again stickman) at another or at birds to train.

You can add or remove some special thing like a wall or wind.

You can play again a friend offline or again a bot.

Boxhead 2 play

Boxhead 2paly


Boxhead is a very, very, very bloody Game on your browser.

You fight against zombies and devils alone or with up a friend offline.

You can unlock a lot of weapons like Minigun, Rocket Launcher Granades, and, and, and.

Notebook Assualt

Notebook Assualt Image




Notebook is a very interresting mini-game, which You can play in your browser.

You are a stickman with a gun and must shoot the enemy. In the level you also can become new guns such as a uzi or a rocket launcher.

für homepage

Zombies 2

Picture of Zombie 2



You are one survivor of a zomie apocalypse.

You must shoot you way through it!!!! You can kill them with a car, gun and so on.

The game is very bloody and make fun.

Super Mario

Super Mario the game




The old known game yet in your browser, we make it possible!!


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