OAM joined the Auraxis Alliance (13.12.2013)

We are proud to announce that the OAM joined the Auraxis Alliance. This Alliance is a cooperation between the Auraxis Scavengers [SCEV], the [OAM] and a few other outfits enabling us to send more than 100 soldiers in figths all over Auraxis at the same time.

The Allience was founded during December 2013 the month, we joined it, too. Platoons and squads, bleonging to the Alliance can be recognized by the [Auraxis Alliance] tag infront of the Platoon description

With this Alliance we are able to establish enormous platoons and ageorgus cooperation. For instance you can join the SCEV-Training on Saturday or Sunday. The training might take 1 or 2 hours and should teach you interesting andvance combat techiques and tactics.


More information comming soon.

I hope you´ll enjoy our cooperation. Be polite and expect something bigger... ... way more bigger.

new trainings and operations planed "World Domination Series" (5.10.2013)

This article isn´t finished yet. We anounce further informations soon.

LIVESTREAM on August 14 20:00 CEST (14.8.2013)

The OaM could be included in a realy interesting Livestream. Streaming is the community manager of a danish independent company called Zeropointsoftware.

The stream is going to start at 20:00 Central European Time on his twitch channel: 

Boserup will stream Battlefield 3 and Planetside 2. Planetside may be streamed a bit later. I will inform you about thath via the Outfitchannel.

It ´s not sure if we will go for a own suqad or fight und his leadership. People who are interested in a own suqad under my leadership have to make sure that they are online and avaiable. If i can´t get 5 members for a squad I wont try to get an own one. In this case you can join the streaming suqad on request.


3 Trainings starting this weekend 5.7.13 - 7.7.13 (Member/Ranger/Squadleaders) (3.7.2013)

We are starting multiple trainings this weekend. This article is going to inform you about the single trainings and the exact appintments.



This class is about getting started and a solid overview about Planetside and our outfit. We´ll teach you basics like flying and driving (in columns), how to buy and equip stuff, orientating in the menu (using squadeploys, insatnt action, finding squads) and more. Even if some recuits know the most things this training is usefull/nescassary for becoming a OaM-Member. And don´t worry you won´t get bored (we have some special-tipps as well)



This class is about fighting in single squads with perfect communication and organisation. It will give you access to the membership in our elite-unit the OaM-Rangers. We´ll teach you advanced tactics amd tricks like clearing out enemy rooms in single seconds without losses. This training would take like 1/30 to 2 hours and is more intensive than the previous (but don´t be scared we won´t bite).

The Ranger-Membership requires the outfitrank: Member so please do this training first.



This class is about how to coordinate and lead squad. We will teach you important tactics and even some rethorical device to communicate with you squad and Platton. Because we have issues with too many suqads we realy need more leaders for suqads in second Platoons so WE NEED MORE SUQAD-LEADERS. If we got to many requests we migth stop recuiting leaders soon. This training is the highest class you can absolve in our outfit. It requires the Rangermembership so you should do this training first.


I hope you got an overview about our trainings. More Informations about outfitranks and trainings coming soon.

The exact time of the training is unknown as well, but i would say its around 20:00 GMT to midnighton Saturday or Friday please stay updated for closer informations.

Lager Platoons and suqads migth miss at saturday (but not the whole saturday)

Newssection started (5.5.2013)

I now decided to start this section as archive with all news which were posted since 4.5.2013.

Now all news are posted here with closer informations.

teamspeak now available (4.5.2013)

We have oppend our teamspeakchanell. IP:

You can visit at the OaM Channelgroup. We have channels for whole Platoons, the different squads, leaders and the rangers.

The OaM is celebrating over 300 Members (4.5.2013)

Yesterday we celbrated the 300 Memberships wich we reached at 2.5.2013. We done some nice Harasser-Races,

a mosquito figth, ordos king of the hill version and a campaing to conquer amerish.

So as always it was a realy nice round.

short note: in the time between the 300Membership and the Event we still got over 40 Members.

a huge THANK YOU to all of you.


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